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Green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) is an engineered system intended to mimic natural drainage allowing our built environment to perform more like a healthy forest, wetland or prairie.  GSI provides environmental, economic and social services to communities in the form of rain gardens, bioswales, and cisterns  filtering pollution, reducing gray infrastructure costs and beautifying our neighborhoods and communities.
Read about the latest examples of GSI in Seattle and King County in the Overview and Accomplishment Report published in April 2020. Urban Systems Design was part of the leadership team that developed and edited the content for the report. Enjoy!

Urban Systems Design works with both community and municipal clients to implement projects that improve the built environment for people and wildlife.  Urban Systems Design develops creative, engaging strategies to bring urban sustainability visions into reality through grant writing, project management and implementation, as well as facilitating multi-stakeholder collaboration towards larger local and regional goals.

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Unless otherwise credited, photos published with permission from King County. 

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