Duwamish Vision participants participate in a visioning exercise.  Cari Simson, owner of USD, was hired by the DRCC to facilitate the creation of the Duwamish Valley Vision in anticipation of the Superfund cleanup options (called the Draft Feasibility Study), in order to evaluate the cleanup options in the context of the community’s future vision for the river.  The Duwamish Vision is an ongoing, comprehensive, community-based project, engaging people who live, work and visit the Duwamish Valley through workshops, mapping and interviews. The project has compiled over 500 diverse community ideas, concerns, and visions into a comprehensive ‘future map,’ which includes transportation, housing, recreation, economic development, and habitat restoration.  Simson authored a summary of the projects findings titled "Duwamish Valley Vision Map and Report."  Photo provided by DRCC.

Unless otherwise credited, photos published with permission from King County. 

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