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Urban Systems Design (USD) provides communication services to clients to help them educate and inform stakeholders and the public.  Services include developing interpretive materials including signage and maps, producing web content, writing white papers, annual reports and educational curriculum.  Our goal is to develop content that is as inclusive as it is informative including providing mulit-lingual content.

Past USD projects providing communication services have included:


Green Duwamish Watershed Map: USD coordinated over 30 partners to develop and print the map.  Since 2008 over 30,000 copies have been distributed providing a resource for stakeholders in the Duwamish Watershed to explore and engage with the region with cultural, historic and environmental awareness.


Interpretive Sign at T-107 Park providing visitors to the Duwamish shoreline historical and cultural context for the river and Duwamish restoration projects.

A white paper titled "Duwamish Valley Green Infrastructure Job Training", providing King County with information on the status of skilled workers for constructing and maintaining GSI projects.

Contact us to learn how we can help communicate your project to diverse communities around the Pacific Northwest.

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