2014 to present

Since 2014, Urban Systems Design has worked with King County to provide inter-agency coordination, partnership development, communications and public engagement services to help the client develop GSI projects that are environmentally just and engaging to the communities they serve.


Specific services provided to King County include organizing and implementing inter-agency partnership plans for the West Duwamish and Greenlake University CSO projects, developing public engagement material standards for GSI projects citywide, developing content for the RainWise webpage, organizing and writing the 2017-2018 Accomplishment Report, and other communication materials. In 2018, USD wrote an Environmental Justice Action Plan for King County to ensure a proposed project reduces health impacts and provides benefits to adjacent communities, so that the project outreach is inclusive and equitable. 


The value of our work is best described by our clients:

"I have worked with Urban Systems Design for over a decade. The team is one of the most valuable and trusted resources for our Combined Sewer Overflow Program at King County. They have added to the success of the program by bringing together property owners, neighbors, small businesses, and other public agencies in a meaningful and collaborative way. The award winning green infrastructure program at King County is possible with the dedicated work of Urban System Design staff."

--John Phillips, King County CSO Manager 


Before and after pictures from a GSI project installed in West Seattle's Barton Basin, featured in the 2017-2018 Accomplishment Report, for which USD provided communication, coordination and outreach support.

Unless otherwise credited, photos published with permission from King County. 

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