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2013 to 2020

RainWise is a rebate program administered through King County and the City of Seattle.  The program relies on strong community engagement and a trusting public/private partnership to help Puget Sound residents help manage stormwater where it falls.   Urban Systems Design has been involved with the program since 2013 providing communications, technical and community engagement services with the following deliverables:


  • Planning outreach and educational implementation opportunities for the RainWise program in Greenlake/University, Montlake/Capitol Hill, and Barton neighborhoods

  • Working internally with RainWise staff to clarify and streamline the program to enhance connections between local governments, private property owners and wider community

  • Increasing equitable access to the rebate program, removing barriers, and providing technical information to property owners

  • Developing content for the RainWise website, compiling and sharing Equity and Social Justice success stories, and program reporting to the utilities

  • Wrote annual 2017-2018 Accomplishment Report  and updated FAQs; 2019-2020 Accomplishment report.

Members of the Highland Park United Methodist Church gather around newly installed cisterns.  Involving community groups including those of faith is a strategic element of the RainWise outreach program to be inclusive and equitable and reach new applicants. 

Outreach materials posted at new RainWise sites provide neighbors with an opportunity to learn more and apply for their own project

A residential RainWise participant inspects her new cisterns which can be used to irrigate her landscaping.  Over 50,000 properties are eligible for this program.

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