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Urban Systems Design understands the intricacies of designing, building and maintaining green infrastructure projects.  We bring this knowledge and expertise to projects to ensure the appropriate tools are used to address green infrastructure needs in the built environment.  The success of our community-led green infrastructure projects demonstrates the value of this expertise when coordinating multiple funders, community leaders and GSI designers to bring projects to completion.  Three of the projects including Markey Machinery and S. Orcas St in Georgetown, and East Ballard are pictured below.


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Markey Machinery Bioswale on 8th Ave

Built in 2010

Funded by Puget Sound Keeper Alliance and hours of dedicated volunteer labor. 

South Orcas St. Raingarden

Built 2012

Funded by Puget Sound Keeper Alliance and King County Green Grant Funding

East Ballard Greenstreet

Built in 2015 

Funded by Russell Family Foundation and hours of dedicated volunteer labor

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